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NSW Corporate Games

Fourteen sports are offered, appealing to just about everyone. Senior managers to raw recruits get into the spirit and action of the Games. We encourage family, friends and clients to take part. Some organisations enter large teams, but even if you are just one person you can enter. Everyone can be part of the Games! Here are the many benefits;

• Build Team Spirit, employee unity and pride
• Bring together every level in the workplace
• Encourage fitness and a healthy lifestyle
• Meet new people and cement relationships
• Raise brand visibility with team uniforms
• Improve communication across departments and between employees and management

The NSW Corporate Games encourages organisations to support their employees’ pursuit of a healthier and more active lifestyle. It provides the opportunity for anyone regardless of their sporting ability, to join in a memorable event and remain active. For those of you who are looking at the NSW Corporate Games for the first time we hope you will visit our website at or give us a call on 9979 1455 to discuss getting your team, Tiny or Tremendous, in the Games!!